Digital Diaries

by Black Heart's Society

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released 22 October 2014

Written by Miguelangelo Hexylvania, Alannah Bathory, Corinna Engel & Christian Kaiser
Produced by nullse†, Natsu Fuji, CVLTVRΣ and Miguelangelo Hexylvania
Engineered by Miguelangelo Hexylvania and Andy San Dimas @ Hollywood Tower, Hollywood, CA
Mix & Master by The Macabre Collective @ Hexylvania HQ, Hollywood, CA
Ⓟ 2014 Hexylvania, Hollywood, CA /// All rights reserved
© 2014 Black Heart's Society



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Blood Sacrifice
Nobody fucking cares.

Dance in the blood of an unborn who was torn from the one.
Torn from the love // Torn from the hate
Force-feed needs and we bleed in disgrace.
Bleed in the face // The face of a lie
We do what we must, just to get by.
Just to stay alive // Justify the most.
Man to a Wolf // Wolf to a Ghost.

Blood Sacrifice...
Track Name: Solace In Stardust
Quip, no woes, no lies, no holes.
Got to let go.

Cold // So cold
So lost. Alone.
Got to let go.

We fuck, we hold // Won't stay, won't go.
Got to let go.

Don't trip. Just flow.
We ride, we roll.
So I've got to let go.
Track Name: Speed Racer
Eyes in back // To the bend, now.
We don't give a fuck about nothing, so it ends now.
Just another moment //
A piece or component reminiscent of the last or something more potent.

Open like an ocean // Far as the eye lends light.
Bounce back to the prism where the mind sends dust in time.
No lines where the light bends
Like a piece of you and me where the sight bends out.
Track Name: Get Drunk II (ft. Carriebees)
I did it, I granted a wish.
VIP, no band on my wrist.
I want you, like cheese on my grits.
Need that kiss like cheese on my chips.
Hate me, I'm a trip // One-way ticket freak, I'm a trip.
Fuck that geek, put your hand on my hip - get a grip.
You got a little drool on your lip.

Don't think, just drink
I wanna get you drunk

Kommen Sie mit auf eine Reise ohne Weg, ohne Ziel - Richtung: Weg, Fort - Richtung: Nie wieder zurück in dieses scheiß Leben.
Track Name: Sex Dreams (ft. Joey Blow)
Liebe muss jung wild und frei sein und schmeckt nach Früh-Morgen-Taiu-einsame-Waldlichtungsküsse auf der Rückbank von verdreckten Autos, nach Versprechen von ewiger Liebe und Sternen, die sich in gläsernen Jungmädchen-Augen widerspiegeln, voll zugedröhnt von den härtesten Drogen, die man bekommen konnte. Kommen Sie mit auf eine Reise ohne Weg, ohne Ziel - Richtung: Weg, Fort - Richtung: Nie wieder zurück in dieses scheiß Leben...

The moon reflects in her eyes // Deepest shade of blue.
Red in the whites from the drugs that you do.
Up all night // Feels like a scene.
Try to find a way, try to stay in the dream.
Skin, kiss the wind // Swim, breathe it in.
Pretty thing, spread your wings // Fly from your sins.
Immaculate moment // Angel from a rodent.
Dope, so we smoke it // Fucked up and loaded...
Track Name: A Warm Place For Tweekers
I can't seem to make this work /// This everything

I just want you right now...

I am here, without warmth /// With neglect

You and I /// Stardust /// Moonlight reflects

We all fall...

Serve us lies /// Good /// Bye /// We won't cry

We won't cry...
Track Name: Brooklyn
I want you back...
Track Name: Ur So Rad
You're so bad
Damn, you're so radical
Hey, you. // You're so bad
Damn, you're so radical // (So motherfucking radical)

Stay with me // I can't breathe
Why can't this be?
Back to sleep...

Damn, you're so rad // Damn you're so radical.
So radical...
Track Name: VHS
And it feels like eyes locked in the middle of the midnight.
Got to let go.
Hold real tight // Cold glare // Be aware of the moonlight.
Got to let go.
Track Name: Digital Diaries*
No more lies // No more thoughts.
So much hate I take, I'm distraught.
Yeah, I'm quiet lost // Yeah, I'm kind of stupid.
I guess that's how you get when you're really going through it.
What do you know? // What have you seen?
It's all fucked up I'll never convene.
No Last words. No more thoughts.
I don't give a fuck, so I guess I'll shut off.

And I'm right back, straight back to the bullshit.
All I see is truth and your actions are putrid.
I don't give a fuck about nothing, I'm done, it's off that I'm shutting.
Crushing // Collapse and it's brushing into the wind.
The moon dims and it spins // I grin until nothing's left.
I regret the time I spent // No rest on non-conducive quests.
It's quite stupid // All you wanna do is use my time and pollute it.
I can't do this.

I don't give a fuck, that's your luck; here's another one //
Sick and tired of this // Ain't no bliss, I discovered some //
Ultimate truths of a really foul nature // Man to a Wolf and the shit's getting major.

Shit's getting major // Shit's getting major.
Your only savior: Go get the paper.
Fly like planes // You're the aviator // The navigator // Originator

This isn't truth, nor is it fiction.
These are just thoughts, stardust and friction.
Simple depiction // Simple as it ever was.
So complex in a cesspool, I'll never trust and fucking one //
Fuck Everybody.
Fuck all the sheep and the weak photocopies.
Shit's getting foggy // Shit's getting foggy.
I don't remember anything, I'm really fucking sorry.
Track Name: Maserati Sunset (ft. Marie Sophie)
Come join us on a trip without a goal.
The direction is far away // Never return to this fucked-up life.

Sell your body.
Sell your soul.

Dying young will never be out of fashion....