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released March 25, 2015

Produced by Natsu Fuji and CVLTVRΣ
Engineered by Miguelangelo Hexylvania and Andy San Dimas @ Hollywood Tower, Hollywood, CA
Mix & Master by The Macabre Collective @ Hexylvania HQ, Hollywood, CA
Ⓟ 2014 Hexylvania, Hollywood, CA
© 2014 Black Heart's Society




Black Heart's Society Los Angeles, California

Inspired by the likes of Kraftwerk, Trent Reznor and Crystal Castles; Black Heart's Society is an Electronic music project produced by The Macabre Collective.

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Miss you // I don't think I really miss you.
But it's dark for days // All the ways I can't say miss you.
I don't miss you.
Stay or don't stay // Caught, I'm lost in the wake.

Rip you // Limb for limb, I wanna rip you face to waist.
Far apart from the way.

Kiss you.
I think I really want to kiss you.
Display // All the lies. All the prey.
Track Name: ‡rus‡
No matter what I do
It seems it's not good enough.
Everything I do...
You seem to not give a fuck.

All I ever wanted
Was to show you I'm not the same.
All I ever wanted
Was for you to forget the pain.

Why do you play these games?
Make up, but the pain remains.
And now I stand where your shadow used to be.

You can't look back.
No need for that.
I can't change the past (and you know I'm not like that).

I see where you bruise.
It's deep as deep can go.
I'd take it for you...
But you'd rather let the seed grow.

Why do you play these games?
Make up, but the pain remains.
And now I stand where your shadow used to be.
Track Name: Tumblr Love
We roam /// Into night and unknown...
Cold /// So cold
Lost, alive and alone...

See through, to the next and anew
Few, we’re few
Left alone in the nude

Free // So free.
New to next, and we bleed.
See // I see /// Doesn’t mean I can breathe.

No, it can’t be.
I know I’m not what I need.
Feed // We feed /// Death to all who can’t see.
Track Name: Cocaine Carnival (ft. ♡kitty♡)
Shoulda given u a little head start
Out here to disappear like Elizabeth Smart
In a year i got a little more dark
You got a beard, i got a little more stark
White pale like a lily; yr a killer and i’m silly
We can chill and hear the bass, your lace, chantilly
Yr as elegant as ever, i forget all of my etiquette
I bet ur gonna say “get away” but haven’t said it yet
What a bummer over summer, i been trying to forget and keep my head under the covers
You make it tougher when i see u under strobe lights
Oh right, yr the one i didn’t love enough
I wanna change but i know i’m never gonna baby
When i see u wave, wave i wanna run, i wanna jump up on u
I was ok, all fun, but you fuck it all up, i see ur face and i’m done
I’m over it! it took all of my power to be
No control over how everybody’s down for u
Fist up like pound it dude!
And i’ll be runnin off and hidin in the powder room
Never bitter, never soundin rude and positivity i milk it like a cow i moo
I can get the crowd to move, this is how i get the crowd to move. (x2)
I’ll never get another chance. i wish, but all i wanna do is make u dance 2 this
Make u dance to this, and all i wanna do is make you dance...

Hey, I really miss you // But I wish I could kiss you.
I can't live without you. No doubt, it's about you.
Life is a dream, a dare, a joke.
Slipped and the knife took the life from my throat.
The look in your eyes, your mind, your soul.
The life that you knew drowns deep in the cold.

We say goodbye, i guess i will see you around
And i will clean up my mess, and i’ll never weigh u down
We say goodbye i guess, i will see you around
I will clean up my mess. i’ll never weigh u down...